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Art of Freelance workshop is a step-by-step guide that will provide insight on the pivotal tools that are required to build a successful career in the competitive world of the entertainment industries l. The workshop will consist of multiple interactive workshops, discussions, questions and answer segments from pioneers and innovative leaders in the world of fashion beauty, and film. Bernadette Thompson, a pioneer in her own right, will be headlining the workshop and dispensing cutting-edge strategies to build a respectable and long-lasting career in the entertainment industry.  Although the strategies dispensed should not be considered a template or a step-by-step manual, each topic is carefully designed to produce results. 


Whether you are new to the industry, have an agent, have no representation, or are simply an ambitious industry insider looking to bolster their career, will not want to miss this workshop!  One of the keys to success is to have power over your OWN career. Such power can only be obtained by becoming knowledgeable about the industry in which you operate. The wealth of knowledge that will be provided in this workshop is a fantastic opportunity to get ahead!

Class of 2024


This class will provide the attendees with the options to participate in workshops, as well as candid question and answers segments. Please note this is all ONE workshop; however, it will be divided into TWO days. Each day the workshop will consist of two specific segments/topics. 


1: Choosing a Path

Not sure if you want to operate as a freelance artist or work with an agency? This specific segment will help you identify a path that is most compatible for your individual personality and conducive to your career. This segment will address the strengths and struggles of each path and offer strategies to produce growth in both arenas.  At the end of this segment you will have a full understanding of how to build a reciprocal relationship with an agency and how to excel as a freelance artist.


2:  Knowledge is Power

The more you know the further you will go! This segment is designed to help you understand how industry and product knowledge can produce major business growth if utilized properly.  At the end of this segment you will know how to properly utilize and acquire the essential information to help enhance your skills while increasing revenue.  You will also know WHAT specific information should be a part of your repertoire as an


3: YOU are your brand… Begin with the end in mind

Every established company has a mission statement.  It is not only a way to inform the world of what you offer, but it can help serve as a professional anchor.  This segment will help you conceptualize and write out a career mission statement. Whether you are a freelance manicurist, make-up artist or photographer, creating your own brand and career direction is essential. You MUST know where you are going and remain true to that path. At the end of this segment you will develop a personal tool that will serve as a mission statement for your career. You will also develop a better understanding of why this is absolutely essential to career longevity in the world of fashion. 


4: Next level thinking

Next level thinking produces next level results! This workshop will address what specific steps you need to take to begin your career or accelerate a seasoned career. In these dire economic times it takes creative thinking to develop an edge over the competition. You need an understanding that it takes more than just a photo shoot or an amazing portfolio to obtain an edge. At the end of this workshop you will acquire an understanding on how to grow your clientele and establish credibility.

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