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A base coat provides an essential foundation for the longest wear of a manicure and/or pedicure. The use of base coat will guarantee even coverage. Formula X1 offers the perfect combination of protection against staining while acting as a strengthener. 

Formula X1 Base Coat Formula X1 Base Coat

What if natural light could keep your nails just like the day you painted them?

• Formula X1 formula feature breakthrough Pro-UV Technology:
• A photo-initiator in the top coat, react under natural light to provoke a stronger curing of the film
•Formula X introduces new Patented Oligomer with Revolutionary Triple Drying properties:
‣ starts curing Inside, without the need for natural light
‣ drying also starts INSIDE thanks to solvent evaporation
‣ curing is reactivated OUTSIDE under natural light
• Oligomer concentration has been fine tunes to strike a balance between fast, hard curing and magic gel wear never achieved before
• Formula X1  is totally safe and respectful to your natural nail*
Formula X1 has been certified safe by a toxicologist: toxicology pre-evaluations can be provided

• Formula X2 is the latest, most performing  formula ever developed: provides improved gel wear and shine results,
• in just 3 steps, with no lamps and absolutely safe to your nails

To be used as a system together with a base coat (Formula X1) and a top coat (Formula X2) so that the formula dries much quicker to a film that is harder and more resistant to breakage
Unprecedented record results:
‣ 97.9% intact nail polish surface after 6 days
‣ up to 7 -Day average wear satisfaction
‣ Super shine lastingness.

Formula X1

  • (Base Coat) Ingredients: Ethyl tosylamide, n-butyl acetate, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol), cellulose nitrate (nitrocellulose), styrene acrylic polymer, tosylamide epoxy resin, triphenylphosphate, ethyl-methylbenzenesulfonamide Net Wt. 0.40oz (12ml) 

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