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Bernadette Thompson’s No MMA fast set monomer acrylic Liquid effectively eliminates ratio sensitivity so you can work wetter, and faster. With this self-leveling monomer, you can create smooth ombre designs, crisp smiles lines, detailed 3D nail art. The sky’ the limit! This NO MMA monomer has superior flexibility and non-yellowing, non-brittle quality with exceptional adhesion and self-contouring performance.


Using a brush, combine this liquid with any acrylic powder for the perfect application!

Pro Tip:

 If youre having problems with creating the picture-perfect acrylic nail, play around with your liquid to powder ratio to find what suits you the best!

Bernadette Thompson:

 is a manicurist and understands the importance of interaction between professionals and their clients. With that common bond in mind, our goal is to provide quality products that help professionals excel at providing a speedy and unique service. Our motto was made with you and your clients in mind. Throughout the industry, The Bernadette Thompson Collection has the most diverse collection of nail art products, offering 1000s of color and art options. Inspired by a world renowned celebrity manicurist. We aspire to bring out the bring out the best in you! 


  • Available in sizes from 4 Fl Oz to 1 Gallon
  • Works with any acrylic nail powder
  • MMA, Formaldehyde and Toluene Free
  • For professional use only

Made in USA

Precision Performance Monomer (Acrylic Liquid)

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