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“The Art of Freelance Artist” Bootcamp will provide insight on the pivotal tools that are required to build a successful career in the competitive world of beauty and fashion, as well as maintain your salon customers. The class will consist of multiple interactive workshops, discussions, questions and answer segments from pioneers and innovative leaders in the world of beuty and fashion. Bernadette Thompson, a pioneer in her own right, will be headlining the class and dispensing cutting edge strategies to build a respectable and long-lasting career in all three industries. Although the strategies dispensed should not be considered a template or a step-by- step manual, each topic is carefully designed to produce results.

Whether you are a manicurist in school, work in a salon, is trying to build a career in the industry of celebrities with an agent, has no representation, or are simply an ambitious industry insider looking to bolster their career, YOU will not want to miss this class! One of the keys to success is to have power over your OWN career. Such power can only be obtained by becoming knowledgeable about the industry in which you operate. The wealth of knowledge that will be provided in “The Art of Freelance Artist” class is a fantastic opportunity to get ahead! 


Tools and information you will receive:


DAY 1: (hands on nail art)

Three types of nail art will be covered in a hands on class environment.

a. the perfect ombre blend  

b.3D nail art 

c. acrylic encapsulation 

d. acrylic and dip powder blend. (we will show you how to create your own custom color powder blend)

DAY 2: Let's get to business

a. Choosing a path 

b. knowledge is power 

c. YOU are your brand....begin with the end in mind 

d. next level thinking 

e. how to earn extra income with retail 

f. ambassadorship program opportunities  


DAY 3: 

This is were you will experience NYFW backstage with celebrity manicurist Bernadette Thompson and her team 

a. come dressed in black slacks or skirt with your Bernadette Thompson Nail Collection T-shirt, 30 (provided) mins prior to our call time,

b. meeting with entire team. Full detailed discussion on what nail design we will be creating for the show desidner 

c. set up work area with your Bernadette Thompson nail kit (provided)

d. Bernadette will inform you on which models you will be working on 


Things you will need to bring: 

a. your drill 

b. your implements

c. uv lamp 



Things Bernadette will provide:

a. secured space on the team 

b. Custom Bernadette Thompson Nail Collection NYFW T-shirt and towel 

c. nail kit with products you'll need for the class ( over 350.00 value)

d. 1- NYFW backstage pass

e. certificate of completion (you must complete the class to be part of the backstage team)


The Art of Freelance

Houston Texas Class
  • Please be sure you want to take the class before enrolling. There are no refunds.